Vadim Belyaev

Vadim Belyaev is a Russian financier. Mr. Belyaev’s career began in trading in 1992 when Russia’s securities market was still developing. He then joined the Russian Aura Bank as a leader and manager in the securities trading department. When the bank was restructured in 1994, Mr. Belyaev became deputy CEO. In 1995, he established VEO-Invest, an investment firm focused on Russian telecommunication assets. He became CEO of the firm in 1997 and widened the firm’s scope of activity to include financial consulting and brokerage services. In 2001, VEO-Invest merged with BK Otkritie to form VEO-Otkrite; the company eventually rebranded as Otkritie Holding and went on to become one of Russia’s largest privately held financial groups. He is currently a major shareholder in the company and has, in the past, served as the company’s former chief executive and chairman of the board.

Mr. Belyaev has been named Russia’s Investment Banker of the Year twice; he has been included on the country’s list of leading managers several times. Alongside his investment and banking career, Mr. Belyaev has an extensive background in international finance, investment, and securities. He has also worked in the media and entertainment industries, hosting his own radio show in 2006-7, establishing a movie studio in 2009, and buying an online business magazine in 2010.

Mr. Belyaev is also an active philanthropist. He was the first donor to the Moscow-based pediatric palliative care facility and has worked to secure additional supporters of this important project.